Terms of use

3.1. The Consumer may use the services only with the consent of the Covenant Conditions and Restrictions of the agreement and other policies of the agency.

3.2. To use the service, the consumer must register on the site by creating an account in the order defined by the agency’s policies and agreements.

3.3. At registration consumer must provide a phone number witch at the completion of the registration will be identified by the agency as a phone number of the registered user and which will later be used by the agency to provide services.

3.4. When registering consumer must enter all the necessary data in the registration form of the website and / or applications and forms, including a login and a password to access their account. Username and password are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any registered users and to third parties.

3.5. At registration the consumer agrees for the agency to carry out the Covenant Conditions and Restrictions of the agreement and authorizes the agency processes personal data of the consumer/user.

3.6. When registering user authorizes to receive SMS messages of informational and advertising content from the Agency to the mobile phone number specified by the user.

4.1. Consumer responsibilities:

4.1.1 When posting content user must abide with the U.S. law and in the accordance to the Agency’s covenant conditions and restrictions.

4.1.2. Use may contact the agency via email for assistance in the use of the website or in order to resolve issues.

4.1.3. User may utilize all of the content in the manner specified by the agency’s Covenant Conditions and Restrictions and if such use isn’t for financial/monetary gain.