How does it work?

Callibry User Manual

Callibry is an app developed for voice communications between random users with similar interests.  Users  can choose from a wide variety of talk topics, with the ability to update them at any time. It will be available on all smart phone, tablet, and desktop OS platforms to include the broadest variety of users from around the world.

This manual will explain the various screens that users will see when using Callibry.




 - Enter your email address and password. You can choose for Callibry to remember you for future logins.


 - If you forget your password, just select “Forgot Password?” to have a new one sent to your email account.


 - Once logged-in, you can receive calls from other users at any time unless you choose to be in “do not disturb” mode. Calls stop once you log off.


- You will only get calls from other users with your same interests, language, and profile preferences.


 - You may review the terms of use and our privacy policy at your continence. 


Sign Up



 - Enter your nickname and verify your password, or register via Facebook. You will also be required to enter your email address and mobile number, starting with the country code and area code. A message will appear next to your number notifying you that you will receive a text message with a confirmation code to verify your phone number with Callibry.

 - Your email address can only be used once per profile. If your email address is already in use, you’ll be prompted to use a different one. You can also opt to have several profiles with different emails use the same phone number for incoming calls if you choose. 


 SMS Verification

 - Enter the code you received in the confirmation text to verify your phone number.


 - You have the choice to hit resend if you haven’t received one yet.


 - Once verified, you will be welcomed into the Callibry community. Your verified phone number will be your user ID for this profile. 


Profile Settings (incoming calls)



 - The profile page allows you to set your preferences and unique identity in the Callibry community. This screen determines what kind of calls you’d like to get from other users.


 - All of these choices are able to be re-set anytime except for the user’s phone number and email address.


 - You can set preferences such as spoken languages (you can choose more than one) talk topics, times available, as well as special preferences such as the kind of accent you’d like to hear over from other users – for instance, English with an Australian accent, etc.


 - Going to the topics tab allows you to select your preferred talk topics by de-selecting them or leaving them open for talk. 


Times Available



 - Going to the "Times available" tab takes you to this screen which has two timeslots available to set times you’d be open to getting calls. 

 Topics List


 - The main talk topics will appear first, and each one has several subtopics to choose from as well. By default, all topics are selected, but you can go back to de-select talk topics at any time. 







 - Just as before, you can pick and choose your subtopics, or press “All” to select everything. By default, all subtopics are selected, but you can go back and de-select talk topics at any time.

 - You also have the option to request a custom talk topic be added into the mix for you and others to use. 




 Main Screen



 - The topics button on the main screen is a shortcut to update your talk topics. You can also review your call history and update your profile from here. 




Call Settings (Outgoing Calls)



 - Pressing the “Call” button on the main screen takes you to you to the call settings screen.


 - The screen allows you to set the language, talk topics for that call, gender call preference, and a unique feature that allows you to talk to people with whatever accent you want to hear. This also works as a way to select specific countries you’d like to call.


 - Change your talk topics any time you call, or skip it to keep them the same. 


Topic Selection before making a call



 - The “Default topics” section at the top allows you to choose if you’d like your profile topics to apply for this call. If not, you can choose “off”.


 - The “Clear selected topics” button allows you to clear the list completely if you want to start over.


 - Pressing “Call” will prompt our servers to search for others who best match your talk topics and profile preferences.


 - Once another user or users are found, you’ll be connected randomly. If no one fits, you’ll be notified to modify your settings or talk topics.


 Waiting for a Partner


 - While you wait to be connected, you’ll be shown exclusive offers from our sponsors (option available to switch this off). 


Incoming Call


 - When you receive a call you’ll see their nickname, language, user rating, and the talk topic they’re calling about. If you choose not to answer, you may press “Decline”. 

During a call…


 - Once connected, your screen will show the other user’s nickname, avatar (picture), and options to mute, put on loudspeaker, and end the call. (“Voice Changing” capability will be added in Phase B). 

After a Call


 - Once a call is complete, you have the option to rate the user you spoke with. You can also access this from the recent history screen later on.


 - You can rate the user you spoke with or block them from future connections.


 - Any user who has been blocked by 3 different users will be suspended for 10 days, and if the user is blocked another 3 times after that, their account will be suspended indefinitely.


 - You also have the option to enable a direct connect call from any user to you, allowing them to call you at any time.


 - Pressing the back button automatically saves the data and takes you back to the main screen. 




 - All calls with be listed in the call history screen, which is accessible through the “Recent” tab.


 - The call history will show a timestamp, nicknames, and call duration for each connection made.


 - You can also visit the user’s rating page form here to update it at any time. 

Direct User List


 - The Direct User list shows the users that you can contact directly, and allows you to manage who is included in this list.


 - Users on this list are still included in random calls you may make