How much does it cost? Nothing! Callibry is a free app.

Callibry is free to download on any device and will never charge for calls or for any of the features it provides.


Is there a cost for incoming or outgoing calls?

No, all calls are free no matter what. Our VOIP server only uses your own existing data or internet connection at a rate of only 11 Mb per hour, so the only cost is the one you are already paying your internet of phone service provider.   


During the call does the Calliby App use my minutes?

No. While calling the Callibry App uses data only, connecting through 3G, 4G or via WiFi.


How many languages can I choose for incoming and outgoing calls?

As many as you want - you have the option to choose language preferences before making any calls and you can also set default preferences ahead of time, and you have the option to set as many languages as you can speak.


Can other users find out who I am, or where I live?

No. Callibry is a secure system, designed to keep all of its users completely protected. No phone numbers, email addresses, or any other personal information will appear when making or receiving calls on the system, and this data is heavily encrypted for your protection.


Is there a time limit on calls?

No. Users can make and receive calls and stay on that call as long as they have a connection to the internet or their mobile service provider’s signal.


How does the random call system work?

Callibry bases calls on user’s settings, such as topics, languages, gender, accent, times available, etc., and the system choses other users whom match your profile. Highly rated users get calls first and the system then works its way down to find available users who match your preferences.


Can I report harassment form another user to Callibry?

Yes. Callibry has a feature that leads to a rating page for the user you just spoke with. If you like the user, you can give them a good rating.  You also have the option to give them a poor rating and block this user from calling you again. Any user that has been blocked three times by three different users will be banned from making or receiving calls for 21 days. If they are blocked another 3 times, their profile is permanently disabled.


Are any of the calls monitored by Callibry?

No. Callibry believes in its user’s right to privacy, so the content of the conversations is solely between the users. Additionally, all users must abide by the Callibry Terms and Conditions. Violation of these rules places all responsibility for the content of the conversation on to the users individually. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.


Is there a minimum age requirement to use Callibry?

No. Calls are unrestricted between users, and are based solely on the user’s preferences with the exception of Romance – users must confirm that they are over 18 years of age to chat in this category.


Can I call a user directly through Callibry?

Yes. Users have the option to build a direct connect list for users they really like. The system allows confirmed direct connect users to call directly to the user’s phone.


How can I become a high-rated user?

Callibry users are rated by each user they speak to after the connection is ended. All you have to do is be friendly, stay on topic, don’t insult other users, and just have fun! (Just not at another user’s expense). Remember, this system is meant to be a free forum of ideas, so just keep that in mind and you should do just fine!