Let's talk some more about Callibry

 Callibry is not meant solely for romance. We touched on that for just a bit in our last blog. But today we'll expand a little more on just what Callibry strives to offer to each and every one of us.

People find it hard enough to speak in public. Stage fright has tortured almost all of us at some point in our lives. What can be more terrifying than expressing your thoughts in front of dozens or even hundreds of people you may or may not know who could be eager to judge every move you make? Strangers, too, are quite frightening at some times. Often we think of strangers as almost alien-like creatures; people who do not share similar views or beliefs, but reek only of danger. A lot of us try to avoid them and stick within our own little cliques of friends or acquaintances. The simple truth, however, is that there are millions of people out there in the world that would love to discuss and listen to everything you have to say. Negative judgment is not something that is overwhelmingly common, whether it be in a crowd or an individual. Both public speaking and strangers are things that are, more often than not, absolutely harmless, and we need only break out of our shells to enjoy them both.  

So what does Callibry have to do with all of this?

First of all, there's no better way to improve your speaking abilities than by talking with all sorts of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and locations. After a couple of conversations, you'll find yourself wonderfully charismatic and gregarious beyond belief. Skill comes with practice. This applies to almost every talent there is. 

Then, of course, there's the ordeal with strangers. We're far too afraid of strangers, even though they're human beings just like you and me. News stories like to hype us into believing there's thousands of criminals out there, but in reality the vast majority of people that walk on the same streets that we do are absolutely just like us in countless ways.

So why not talk to them? Loneliness is something that afflicts us all every now and then, and what could be more enjoyable than talking to someone with similar interests or thoughts? 

Humans are social animals. Conversing with others is a central part to our lives. What Callibry wishes to accomplish is sparking interactions between human beings, and this means talking about any topic there is to talk about, whether it be food, games, entertainment, and so much more. 

Stay tuned for our next blog. There's a lot more to discuss!


November 11, 2014

Callibry main idea

The main idea of our product is not focused on building yet another tool for romantic connection. Instead it is an innovative way of social networking that will be superior in many ways to all other alternatives. Here everybody may find their own topic to socialize on, getting in contact with others just when and where it is the most practical, speaking only with those who are genuinely interested in the same subject matter.

June 22, 2014

Almost ready to launch

The most interesting thing for me is what topic of conversation will be the most popular?

June 22, 2014

I am 100% positive

That site in almost done. It is very important for our future users

I am 100% positive, that many people around the world will use Callibry for a many reasons. Our world has become so global people united by one idea, one hobby and one interest live in different parts of the world and our job is to give them the opportunity to communicate with each other free of charge and at a convenient time for them. 

June 20, 2013