Callibry is a ground-breaking app

that allows you to build your own social network with people around the world with your cell phone. You can make or receive calls to/from others who
share your interests. You can learn what others think about your most passionate interests. You can choose from topics such as fashion, vintage cars, gardening, wine, tantric sex, baseball, military history, poker, and many MORE!
Experience the thrill of true randomness coming from anywhere. Who will call you next? Who might you what to call?
This is an APP that will change the way you interact with the world about the things you think about most.
Callibry is novel, profound, addictive, and, best of all, unpredictable and unexpected.


Callibry? What’s with the name, you ask?

It comes together like this -
Derived from a combination of the words Call and Colibri (Hummingbird, in various languages), the name is meant to be a reflection of the colorful, and spontaneous path that a hummingbird takes, being the only bird able to flying forwards, backwards, and side to side. Colibris bring life to the plants they help pollinate, and just so, Callibry is there to add new life to the world of communication by connecting strangers spontaneously from all over with common interests.


Who are we?

Callibry was founded in Phoenix, Arizona by two talented guys working in IT for many years.


Why Callibry?

Our world is becoming global, and people are becoming more and more withdrawn. We want to give people unlimited opportunity to communicate without boundaries, without constraints, on a variety of topics and a convenient time. In short, a place where no one will ever be able to impose their interests on you or control you. No one here knows who you are or where you are, all they know is just what hobbies or interests you have in common. Ideas are spurred, and we gain a greater sense for the global community by hearing someone else who also wants to hear you.


How does it work?